Wedding ceremonies

I DO…….with meaning!

Imagine…standing with your loved one, staring into each others eyes knowing that you are about to make the most important decision of your life………entering into a legal partnership that will last a lifetime. Is that what your special moment is about….just a legal agreement; words that convey the agreement you are prepared to make to one another? Surely not?


Your Wedding Celebrant

What about what is in your heart? What about those special words that are personal and mean so much to you?

What about standing in a place that has special significance to you? What about sharing the memories of a special moment or listening to a special song……or showing your family and friends just how much you meant to one another?

Well, that’s what I, as your wedding Celebrant, can give you. I can work with you to create a more meaningful ceremony that will leave a lasting impression not just on you but on those you are sharing it with.

You are not restricted to a quick 20 minutes ceremony in the same venue as everyone else, hearing the same words you hear at every wedding.

Freedom of choice

With the freedom of choice these days, ‘off the peg’ church or registry office weddings do not suit everyone whilst the laws governing register office and licensed venue weddings strictly control what can be said or done and at what time of day.

These ceremonies are prescriptive and usually read from a book to thousands of couples before you, allowing nothing personal to you to be included.

Whatever you have dreamed your
special day would be, it is within your reach

An individual ceremony just for you

Getting married should be a unique as you are as individuals and as a couple. When you use a Celebrant like me, I take time to get to know you are write an individual ceremony just for you, personalized to your wishes and your love. You will then have a ceremony that is totally unique to you and can include elements of a traditional marriage if you wish whilst adding your own personal style, desires and wants.

Family members or friends can read poems or verse, or say something about you as a couple. Your wedding can be staged in any way and want to fit the location and create the atmosphere that you want be it romantic, pagan, religious, fun, themed, fairy tale……..anything goes when you take control of your day.

Your special ceremony can take place at any time, under the stars or stairs if you prefer, in the sunlight, in a marquee, on a beach, in a garden; there are no restrictions at all. Whatever you have dreamed your special day would be is within your reach when you take control of this very special moment in your life.With regards to the legal aspects, you will still need to register your marriage completing all the legalities at your local registry office (most offer a short registration with 2 witnesses for around £50) Most couples prefer to do this very casually and wont exchange rings until later on at the wedding. Others may have their ceremony first and do the legal part the next day or even in another room later on the same day if, the premises is a licensed premises.

I look forward to talking to you and working with you to create a day of your dreams.