Naming Ceremonies

Do you want to celebrate the birth of your child amongst your family and friends without the dogma of religious practices dictating how you do this?
I offer you an alternative to traditional baby’s christenings with lots of different ideas to create a personalised naming ceremony. Your ceremony can involve all your family and friends and those special people you want to promise to support your child through his or her life. These people are often called Mentors rather than Godparents, but you can call them what you like!

Relaxed and fun naming ceremony

The day should be relaxed, fun and a reflection of what is important to you. It should be a day to remember and something to share with your child later in life.

A naming ceremony is not restricted to a new baby; it can be a way of introducing an adopted child into its new family. You may have two or more older children that have never been ceremoniously named but you now want to mark how important they are in the life of the family unit including the extended family. Or it could be the joining of two families into one family unit.

A naming ceremony can have lots of fun elements in it as well as a serious side. If there are lots of children there, you can incorporate elements to involve them in the ceremony such as sand ceremonies, balloon releases and candle ceremonies.

The ceremony is created with you, for you and about the child and its life with you now and forever. It can be as short or as long as you want; it can include poems, verses, stories, music and be in any place of your choices there is no legal requirement regarding where this ceremony can take place.