Meet Yvonne

My Name is Yvonne Roberts

I am a Funeral and Family Celebrant in Medway, Kent.

I have been conducting ceremonies for the past 10 years for family and friends just because I enjoyed creating special moments for them. Last year, I decided it was the right time to take it to another level and make it something I do professionally.

There is no legal precedence that says a celebrant has to have an ‘ology’! but I wanted to have the backing of an official body to give me credibility. So last year I enrolled with the UKSoC to undertake a diploma in Funeral and Family Celebrancy.

After 30 years in sales, I came to a point where I wanted to change my life and do something more meaningful and it seemed like a natural progression to do the ceremonies as a profession. I love working with people and listening to what they are thinking and dreaming of.

As I have been in the business of creating environments for my clients designing care home and hotel interiors, I am very used to listening to what my clients are telling me and turning it into a reality. There was nothing more satisfying than being able to bring what was in their mind into a reality. That was the best part of the job for me, bringing an idea into being.

I am a mother of two wonderful young men and grandmother to a lovely young lady in the making. I have been running a centre for holistic therapies and understandings for over 10 years which is my passion and I do it voluntarily for no financial gain. It defines me as a person as I love helping others find a balance in their lives

I believe I can bring something special to any ceremony through my empathy and understanding of people and my desire to create something wonderful that has a Lasting Memory for everyone concerned.

I do have a very good sense of humor, which occasions, has got my into trouble!! but I know when to use humour and when to be reserved and totally professional. If you want me to dress up as a clown, be barefoot, wear an eye patch or in a sombre 3 piece suit, I can. If you want me to bring humour into whatever the ceremony is, I can. If you want me to be sincere and humourless, I can. If you want a spiritual nature to your ceremony I can.

I am not a Humanist. This means if you wanted to add any kind of religious or spiritual meaning to your ceremony, I am more than happy to do so. I have no restrictions of what I am prepared to add to any ceremony.

I can take over some of the the pressure from you with regards to organising a Funeral; this can be once of the most difficult things we ever have to do in life. We don’t always think clearly about what we want or what the deceased might want. It is my job to help clear the way for you to think more clearly and for me to take the pressure off you in making sure your funeral service goes the way you want it to go.

When it comes to Weddings, Civil Partnerships, Renewal of Vows, Commitments……..that appeals to the romantic in me and I can weave the magic of romance into any ceremony. Or if you and your partner are not really the romantic type, I can bring other elements to your ceremony that is more suited to you.

And then the Naming Ceremonies. I just LOVE them. I always enjoy bringing a family together through the love of a child. It is so much more a celebration done this way than when done around a font with words and a service that is a standard affair taken time and time again. Freedom to choose is why I enjoy being able to create my own ceremonies with the people I am working with.

I hope this has given you an idea of the sort of Celebrant I am……and just like all people in life we meet day to day, we are not going to be drawn to everyone and for some, you might read my web site and think hummm, not for me and others……… will want to work with me. Either way, whoever you use as your celebrant, make your ceremony part ofa day to remember for always.