New beginings

I can’t believe that this time in two weeks, I will be starting the next phase of my life….and I swing between excited and shit scared!

Brexit has completely screwed my plans to retire in a few years time, I have had to bring it forward. I can remember being in my 30s saying, ‘I can’t wait till I retire, I can do all the things I don’t have time for now!’ So you think, I would be jumping up and down with joy, but no….

All the years of working, planning for my retirement and here it is! Enforced retirement because of Brexit, because I wanted to retire to Spain.

But it’s not the enforced retirement persay, it’s getting to be 62, on my way to 63, and the fear of no longer having a purpose or a working role! When you have worked all your life, how do you adjust to no longer having to work? How do you adjust to no longer being part of any organisation ?

I have worked since I was 12, starting off as a sweeper upper at a local hairdressers….and other than a couple of companies I have worked for that were not the best, I have loved my working life, and my current job as a celebrant as been the best years of my life…

So now, having to give it all up, it’s a new phase that is scary….will the younger generation look at me as a has been…..out of touch with now? They will never know my journey, they will never know the amazing things I have seen or done…I am, just an old lady…a retired lady!

It’s such a new feeling, a big change in life and I should be excited…and I am sure I will be when I get there, in the sunshine, with other ladies wot lunch, live music in the sunshine, friends and new friends, new experiences, new places to see…so much to look forward to….

How do others come to terms with retiring…do you embrace it with open arms or with trepidation?

Having said all this, my ladies in Spain along with family have got my next few weeks totally booked up with nights out, lunches and live music afternoons… bring it on!

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