Choosing a celebrant for our wedding

Choosing a celebrant for our wedding

So, finally! We, the collective we, are constantly told the only way to create awareness of our brand, our business, is to be out there in social media land. To blog, and blog and blog again.

It’s not that I can’t blog, I have always plenty to say, but I lack time to do it, or at least, do it justice. But tonight after attending a wedding suppliers networking meeting, I heard a comment that has inspired me to write a blog, so here it is.

When it comes to weddings, the couple spend all their time looking for the perfect things. They sample cakes and look at books of photos for the special design that calls to them. They might visit several venues to find that perfect one. They will look at the work of a few different photographers to find that something different that suits them. And that process works through all the elements of their special day. But, the one thing they don’t look around for or put as much effort into choosing is the most important element of all. Their wedding ceremony itself.

A recent survey showed that the balance of civil ceremonies to churches is swinging about 80/20 in favour for the civil ceremonies. So you have put all that effort to have everything perfect and yet, you allow your actual wedding ceremony to be in the hands of people who just say the same things other than your names, as every other ceremony!

Why? Why do you leave the most important part of the wedding in the hands of someone else, letting them have the final say in what is said with no thought of you are as a couple. Why?

Ok let’s get the white elephant out the room. Currently, here in the UK, a celebrant, cannot do the legal bit. That bit of paper that says you are officially Mr & Mrs. So my suggestion, go the day before your wedding with a celebrant, with a couple of witnesses, £50 later, you have that official bit of paper, signed and sorted.

For some people the act of signing the official marriage certificate creates a sense of stress and anxiety. It is really happening, you are going to officially tie the knot. Your stomach is in knots, you are sweating profusely, your heart rate is elevated, you feel like you are going to pass out. Suddenly its al over, it’s a blur, you can’t even remember what was said. What a waste of the most important moment of your life!

Would you not want to prefer to enjoy every moment of this your special day, without the stress and sweaty palms? Then do the official signing and then, enjoy a proper wedding ceremony the next day.

The next day, we have a totally unique wedding ceremony, written just for you, about you. To all those in the room, it will appear to be something quite special and beautiful and so much more than if they had been listening to a registrar repeat their prescribed words that have no bearing to you as individuals or as a couple.

I have heard so many times people saying, oh but we want to be properly married. But the ceremony should be as important as the cake, the photographer, the cars, the venue etc etc but we put a simple signing in the way of something totally unique, and special.

If all you plan on remembering is what a great party your wedding was or how great the food was and wow, what a cake, then it won’t matter. But if you want to remember your ceremony and how it was special and unique, and was as special as every other element of your day, then surely, for the sake of a day, and a signature in advance, a celebrant lead wedding will leave you with lasting memories over and above what a great party!

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