Hi I’m Yvonne Roberts.

A Family & Funeral Celebrant based in Medway, Kent

Hi, I’m Yvonne Roberts and I am a family celebrant based in the heart of West Kent.

My focus is to provide you with a beautifully written and unique ceremony, whether it is for a Wedding, Vow Renewal, Naming Ceremony or a Funeral Ceremony.  

These are your ceremonies, so I take the time to find out who you are.  I pay special attention to what is truly important to you and how you want the ceremony to look and feel, Joyful, happy, exciting, inspiring, or quiet and reflective.  After 30 years in sales, I have learnt to listen carefully and apply what I know can be done to what you want.

Your ceremony really can be whatever you want it to be and together, we will find what that is.

Wedding ceremonies

For Weddings, I will guide you on the legal formalities and provide you with some lovely additional elements you can choose to have in your ceremony.  Remember, the laws governing Register Office ceremonies strictly control what can be said or done.  They leave you little room to create a meaningful ceremony that reflects who you really are. Do you want your special day to be a just the same as every other wedding ceremony you have heard time and time again or something specifically about you? What’s YOUR story, what do you want people to know about you, your hopes, your dreams for your future together?

Being a civil celebrant means I get to speak to amazing people, with amazing stories and create amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

What a privilege. If you would like an informal chat about a Ceremony you plan to have and to discuss the options available to you.

Renewal of Vow ceremonies

Renewal of Vows are an opportunity to show your family and friends what made you strong as a couple, what enduring love can do,

A celebration with those who have walked this path of life with you through possibly difficult times and good times but this day, shows that love, can conquer all things.

Naming Ceremonies

For Funerals and Naming Ceremonies, I will hopefully help bridge the gap between those who have a religious faith and those who have a different point of view. Traditional church services are fitting if you practice a religious belief.  But for those who prefer to demonstrate their principles purely through the way they live their lives, the ritual and religious words in a church service may not feel appropriate or reflect your own values.  My personal belief system is on the spiritual spectrum so if you wish to bring some more esoteric elements in, I am more than happy to do so.